Professional Marketing

Non-stop marketing (main stream media, social media)

Exclusive events

We will hold regular physical & virtual events. You will be able to join these exclusive events and meet with like-minded Ancient Humans.


Everything in the project will be decided with constant feedback from the community. We’re entering a long and very challenging path, and we’ll need all the support we can get.


22 Cardano

About The Project

Ancient Humans NFT is one of the greatest adventures of all time: human evolution. Explore The Amazonas Jungle 10 million years ago, find treasuries and sell them for real money in the NFT Space.

Ancient Humans NFT is a third-person open-world survival game where you Explore, Survive, Trade, and play to earn money.

Ancient Humans NFT is a survival game played from a third-person perspective. In the game, players control a character of a primate ancient human. and have to manage the player character’s health by eating, drinking, and surviving. The game starts in an Amazonas jungle, an open world filled with threats that will be chosen by the community which threats they would like to see in the beginning.

Players can build their own cave and make it their camp. As players progress, new areas are opened for players to explore. When a primate is exploring new locations or being hunted by predators.

As players continue to make new discoveries, the primates become more intelligent and capable, and new skills such as using Fire for cooking to make breeding and medicinal plants to heal themselves.

The goal of the player is to ensure that Ancient human have everything to survive, the player character can perform social tasks like calling another ancient human to hunt and explore together.

The future

We have a team of very talented 2D & 3D artists and developers. We’re currently developing the first open-world, decentralized game, called Rebelworld. Holders will be able to join exclusive physical & virtual events, giveaways, and have fun with play-to-earn games.

Join us. Minting Date 19th December 2021 8PM UTC

Our awesome team

Our team include people from Cryptocurrency space and developers, artists, programmers and team leaders.

Chip Mayer

Co-founder & CEO

Team management is the most important thing for me, promoting the community and moving towards the future in the blockchain world.

Jane Brown


Locked in the basement of a quickie mart, he fills his day drinking jumbo code red.

Erika Black

Marketing Director

I have 15 years of experience in the marketing field ,In the past I had my own marketing company.

George Mayer

Creative Director

 I am a digital artist and designer and for many years. I have a lot of experience with the production of digital art and i am also specialized in collections in the NFT field and have been doing it since the beginning.